Applying your pumpkin Stickers

Clean the surface of your pumpkin, making sure it is free of grease and dirt.  Dry it thoroughly before applying the sticker and make sure the pumpkin is at room temperature.

`Next remove the backing layer from your sticker and leave the words or letters attached to the clear transfer tape. (With some of our more intricate or larger designs we recommend cutting the letters or words out and applying them individually).

Place the sticker in the position you have chosen then rub the sticker down evenly and firmly.  (You may get some bumps in the surface – this is normal – your pumpkin has lumps, bumps and curves!).

Next slowly and carefully roll the clear transfer tape off leaving the vinyl letters on the pumpkin.

We recommend starting at one end and working in small sections along the sticker rubbing the lettering down if it starts to lift off (this is caused by the waxy pumpkin skin) .

Watch our DIY tips on how to apply your pumpkin sticker over on Instagram:

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